Who We Are

We are simply a pair of young women who share a love for global cultures and cuisines. Having experienced and enjoyed heterogeneous culture while living abroad, we seek to promote the same in India. Therefore we offer a platform that encourages people to come together and celebrate being a global citizen.

Starting with food and delicacies, we provide products unique to countries across the world. Our mission is to allow people to experience all that the world has to offer right at home. We aim to make World-e-Bazaar the country’s biggest e-commerce site for imported products. Moreover, we plan to introduce an innovative twist to the site and the app, which we won’t be revealing just yet. 

To conclude, we love the fact that borders do not exist online/on social media. You netizens have the power to see whichever part of the world you wish to see, but with World-e-Bazaar, instead of just watching, you can now attain whichever part of the world you wish to attain.


Welcome to World e Bazaar

Join the WEB food community to get your hands on a plathora of world food right at your door step in one click. Celebrate being a global citizen. Connect, communicate and taste the flavors of the world with fellow food enthusiasts. Experience world gourmet right at home.

We bring you the world

We deliver unique and genuine products from all over the world at your own convenience.

The product range is incredible. Thanks to World-e-Bazaar I can now get my hands on all sorts of exotic foods I only saw on Insta.
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