Jaggery and Honey

Jaggery and honey are on age old immune building products. Immunity is a seamless function of various body parts, especially cells.

The age old practice of consuming Honey & Jaggery for a healthy immune system is still relevant.

The zine & selection makes Jaggery a natural detoxifier.

Rich in iron and anti- inflammation Jaggery helps keeps tour semis clear and fight flu as well.

Honey is the best natural antiseptic in olden clays honey was practically used to heal wounds.

In modern days the single must important use of honey is its being rich in phytonutrient. These act as antioxidants and help the digestive tract. Honey is an excellent natural prebiotic which nourishes good bacteria which are crucial for gut and healthcare.

Both honey and Jaggery are sample sugars which can be easily metabolized in the body.

Though Jaggery provides not much quantity of protein or fat but it hand fully provides iron, magnesium, potassium & manganese.

Credit: Sengee

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