Immunity Building – An Art

Yes immunity building is no rocket science. A lot of grand-ma suggestions were based on basic common sense and solid observations which made immunity building a daily routine. A disciplined life style is a hallmark of excellent immunity.

We cannot see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, or even feel it. Yet, it is the wall that stands tall against all those pesky pathogens looking for the first chance to enter our body and cause some equally frustrating (and sometimes even fatal!) diseases.

Indeed, the mystery protector is our very own immune system.

Although all of us are born with a certain amount of natural resistance to disease-causing microbes, we must pay special attention to developing it as well. After all, there is nothing in this world that works without improvement.

So without any further ado, let us take a look at some of the most important ground rules that are to be followed when building immunity.

There are several things that can help build our immune system. What we eat, our disposition (gloomy? Cheer up!), the amount of exercise we can get in a day, and more. These are the three most important, out of a long list of things-to-do, when it comes to immunity building.

So, without any further ado, in a list I have compiled following a bit of research, let us look at eleven simple habits which can boost one’s natural immunity.

The first three, the core build, as mentioned above are: having a good laugh (endorphin release – the feel-good hormone!), having a positive approach, and exercising well. Exercising well is necessary, and not putting in too much effort in one day just to have unbearable pain for the next four. There is not one person in this world that can do a hundred push-ups and three hundred squats right off the bat. That is merely wishful thinking. Work hard, yes, but not too hard.

The next three in the list are food items. Believe it or not, despite the claims (which are true, to some merit) of needing a diverse diet to maintain a stronger system, these three foods hold a greater amount of importance when it comes to immunity building.

The first one is olive oil. Mediterranean blessing. Probably the best one for your heart, with the cardiovascular disease risk nullification. In addition to this, olive oil also helps regulating hormone functions and in reducing the possibility of a cytokine storm. Go figure.

Studies have also found that olive oil can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. According to PubMed Central, Olive oil may have a beneficial effect on blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. In the same study, it was revealed that the risk of Type 2 Diabetes went down by 40% in a randomized clinical trial for people consuming a Mediterranean-based diet.

The next one is turmeric. The health benefits of this particular spice are well-known, especially if you’re an Indian. The list, in fact, is too long. But just to name a few of its best benefits, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and the added reduction of cardiovascular disease risk.

The third one, another unsurprising addition, is ginger. It is antibacterial, a natural blood thinner and is also help prevent nausea. In addition to all of that, ginger is everyone’s go-to when an upset stomach is involved. Not enough? It also contains gingerol, which is responsible for the relaxation of blood vessels. There you go!

The next three and the last of the run-of-the-mill classic habits everyone tells you about are the habits to avoid. Being extremely familiar to these three, I would like to say that these are arguably more important than the others. The first habit is obviously, obviously keeping stress under control (indeed, fellow teenagers reading this, I feel you.)  Although this is no secret, most of us often overlook the fact that stress can be more troublesome than anything and everything. So let’s offload our minds a bit. Whatever trouble you’re going through right now, do not stress yourself. It won’t last.

This might be something you already know, but DO NOT SMOKE. And do not drink either. The disclaimers on films and TV Shows aren’t there because they need to fill up seven seconds of screen time. They’re there for other reasons, much more sensible reasons.

The third of the DON’Ts is sleep (or the lack thereof). Everything you do reflects your life. Too much sleep is equally harmful for you, though it will show in your career graph rather than your health index. So, do get that beauty sleep. But not too much of it.

There are two more left. And to be completely honest with the readers, I had a lot of fun writing these two in particular. These are the WACKS, as I call them. Two surprisingly funny, weird and effective habits that will DEFINITELY help with the immunity building.

Number one- Oil gargling. According to an ancient technique from Ayurveda (don’t ask – Ayurveda is truly a work of art, isn’t it?!), swishing around a tablespoon of coconut or sesame oil in our mouth for 20 minutes can kill harmful bacteria and reduce plaque. How’s that for gross, eh?

Alongside this, two drops of Olive oil into your nostrils four times a day (morning, afternoon, evening, night) could help you the highly potent COVID-19 virus. Olive oil just can’t get enough of being good for your body, right?

Number two – swallowing a fish oil capsule (or two!). sounds gross, smells gross, and tastes…well, let’s just say you lose most of your appetite. HOWEVER! Your immune system will say thank you. Build-up your immune system by reducing diet-induced inflammation and increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenols. Just do it. Even if it smells bad. There are vegetarian alternatives to this, of course.

 There you go. Eleven habits. Nine clean, simple ones. Two wacky ones. So many rules, so much to see, so much to read, so much to remember. To tell you the truth, all of you, immunity building is an art. Yes, you have to put in a serious amount of effort to make it work, but the end result is a 100% worth-it. so go ahead, get up those walls of defence. Make them impenetrable.

I sincerely hope you went through all of it without falling asleep. I wouldn’t blame you; this blog is quite long, after all. It can get taxing. Anyhow, that’s about it. Stay home, stay safe.

Happy Eating!! Healthy Living!!God Bless!!

Credit: Sengee

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