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Bibigo Saam-jang Korean Seasoned Soybean Paste, 500 g


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Brand: Bibigo
Food Originating from: Korea
Country of Origin: Korea

Type: Veg
Ingredients: Soybean paste (water, soybean, refined wheat flour, edible common salt, wheat, malt (wheat)), 50% corn syrup, grain mix (refined wheat flour, water, salt, wheat, malt (wheat)), sugar, red pepper seasoning (red pepper powder, water, onion, edible common salt, sesame, garlic), pure grain alcohol 2.8%, water, onion, defatted soybean powder, red pepper seasoning powder (wheat), garlic concentrate, shitake mushroom concentrate, roasted soybean powder, roasted sesame, vegetable stock powder (onion, green onion, garlic, cabbage, dextrin, edible common salt), edible common salt, sesame oil.

Nutritional Values: Nutrition (Per 100g) Energy : 902 kj/207 kcal Total Fat: 1.9 g Saturated Fat: 0.3 g Trans Fat: 0.0 g Carbohydrate: 40.0 g Sugar: 21.0 g Protein: 8.5 g Sodium: 2323 mg

Product Features / information: This ready to use Korean condiment is a great dipping condiment for fresh vegetables.

Storage: Once opened, keep refrigerated and do not exceed best before date.

Allergy Advice: Contains Soy, wheat & sesame oil.
Preparation and Usage/Cooking Instructions (if any): 1. Use as a dipping sauce for fresh vegetables (e.g. carrots, cucumbers. peppers). 2.Add 1/4 to your ""SSAM"", a korean wrap- meat and rice wrapped in leafy vegetable.


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